Viscount Vanilla & Mango Beard Balm (60ml)

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Beard Balm by The Bearded Gent is now readily available in Vanilla and Mango Scent. Beard Balm conditions and softens just like Beard Oil does, but also provides a slight hold, to keep your beard shaped, so you look spiffing all day long! This product contains various butters, along with oils to provide maximum conditioning! In our popular Viscount Vanilla & Mango scent, you’ll be sure to be the best smelling man in the room!

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  • MADE WITH QUALITY OILS & WAX: The Bearded Gents Beard Balm is hand made with the best ingredients for your Beard. Real Natural Mango butter for great absorption and hydration, and Beeswax to style and tame your beard. Add the benefit of Shea and Grapeseed to further soften your beard. An excellent addition to any gentleman’s grooming kit!
  • SAVE THAT BEARD: This beard conditioner is jam packed with everything you need for a well groomed beard! One of the biggest issues with not being able to grow a long beard is hair breakages. This stuff helps prevent and heal hair breakages, allowing your beard to grow to mighty lengths!
  • AMAZING SCENT: Using the exact same scent as the most popular scent on the market; Vanilla & Mango, you will be smelling fresh all day!
  • REAL MANGO BUTTER INCLUDED: Something no other beard balm includes, which we will never understand, because of the amazing benefits!
  • Rubs between your hands perfectly