Tobacco Leaf & Musk Beard Jelly (100ml)


We’re confident you’ll see a healthier, softer beard in 28 days. Guaranteed or your money back.


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A never seen beard product before in the UK – Beard Jelly is more effective than standard beard oils. The increased “stick” allows for maximum moisturising and hold, allowing you to grow a thicker, fuller beard.

GROW YOUR BEARD THICKER, FULLER AND SOFTER – We select only the finest oils and butters, so that you put quality into your beard. This will give you the best possible start to grow a thicker, fuller and softer beard.

LASTS LONGER – Due to Beard Jelly’s consistency, it is proven to last longer. Traditional beard oils have less ‘spread’ so therefore more is required. Not only that, you get 3x the amount in a traditional beard oil!


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