Baron Bergamot & Orange Beard Oil (30ml)


Baron Bergamot braved the mighty peaks of the Pollino mountains in search of the finest, most aromatic oranges in the civilised world. Years later, on a remote Southern outcrop of the Italian Peninsula, basking on the shores of the glassy Tyrrhenian Sea, a sultry Signorina offered him a taste of Calabria’s juiciest treasure. We’ve carefully squeezed that exquisite nectar into each and every bottle of the Baron’s signature beard oil, so why not treat your face to a splash of sensuous Latin sunshine?

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  • Beard Oil
  • 30ml of bottled Gentlemanly charm
  • Handmade using the finest products
  • The baron has the benefit of speeding healing and soothing itching
  • Makes your beard softer than a maidens touch


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