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  • Our favourite reviews edition #1
    We bring you our favourite reviews from our different selling platforms. These are fully independent reviews, available publicly on our Amazon or eBay platforms, so you can be rest assured these aren’t fabricated claims. Who? Nathan Where? Amazon What? Viscount Vanilla & Mango Beard Oil “I can feel my beard getting softer already!This is my first time properly trying to grow a lengthy beard and decided to take to the internet for advice.This product is extremely affordable, does exactly what it says on the tin and smells lovely!Will purchase more of this when I run out.” 2. Who? Unnamed Amazon Where? Amazon What? Viscount Vanilla & Mango Beard Oil “Cool pipette bottle. Smells amazing. Bought for hairy husband & he likes it ☺️. Affordable and will buy again. Thanks!” 3. Who? Rorysdad Where? Amazon What? Viscount Vanilla & Mango Beard Balm “ Best balm I’ve used love the smell of it and It leaves beard feeling good all day and all for a good price.” Also featured in IndyBests Best Beard Oils UK Find all of our Amazon The Bearded Gent reviews here
  • Turbotez Reviews The Bearded Gent Beard Oil
    Please see below a review of our Caramel Latte Beard Oil, which is now a discontinued scent. This scent could be available on a limited edition basis, please follow our social media channels for any updates on whether we’re bringing it back. Do not fear, we have many other beard oil scents such as, Vanilla & Mango Beard Oil, Coconut Beard Oil & Sandalwood Beard Oil. Why not give them a try today, and do a video review, just like Turbotez!